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For Your Consideration
Dear Boy:
    all I want
                                your summersunsmile
on my sheets in the morning.
    my lips
                       to be your favorite flavor
                                (no matter what lip gloss I have on)
    your hand in mine
             as my heart triptripbeat
:iconrhapsodyinalto:RhapsodyinAlto 4 11
Mature content
Girl on Fire :iconrhapsodyinalto:RhapsodyinAlto 8 15
Race Me There by RhapsodyinAlto Race Me There :iconrhapsodyinalto:RhapsodyinAlto 7 0 Boom: headshot by RhapsodyinAlto Boom: headshot :iconrhapsodyinalto:RhapsodyinAlto 0 3 My Only Friend by RhapsodyinAlto My Only Friend :iconrhapsodyinalto:RhapsodyinAlto 2 0
And now is all I'll ever be
Today is Friday.
Monday your heart was summer sun and champagne, your eyes calm, warm, content. Monday you felt finally whole, stitched and new, shiny.
Then your smiling white knight slammed his fist through your chest, squeezed your heart free of your body and let it drop onto the gravel driveway.
You deserved this, you had it coming, you stupid, stupid girl, this is all your fault.
And the week that should've been the perfect end to the best summer you've had since you were 16 was suddenly sporting giant spiderweb cracks through everything. You smiled because you had to, but your eyes were closed and dark and grey against the August sun. Your lips always tasted like salt.
Breathing wasn't hard, but you had to remind your brain of all the steps. In, out. In, out, in, smile, out. Every tick of your heart slowly pushing and pulling, splintering and smashing like a child with a toy, pressing the broken pieces together and wondering why that isn't enough to make them stay.
Today is
:iconrhapsodyinalto:RhapsodyinAlto 0 4
Spring by RhapsodyinAlto Spring :iconrhapsodyinalto:RhapsodyinAlto 2 0 Steppin' out by RhapsodyinAlto Steppin' out :iconrhapsodyinalto:RhapsodyinAlto 1 0 You spin me right round by RhapsodyinAlto You spin me right round :iconrhapsodyinalto:RhapsodyinAlto 4 0
We all fall down
I am
words spinning
through veins,
blocking the oxygen
to my brain
I am
by consonants and connotations,
vowels (a
malignant tangle)
like the rush of water,
the scream of
sudden silence
that comes after –
I am
a mere reflection
that glimmers
across your pupils
before soaking
into your retinas.
A paint-by-number set
you memorized
years ago
and lies buried
half-finished projects
on your coffee table.
I am
until my eyes
are glassy,
my lips
stiff and blue.
Shrouded in a navy comforter
with a kiss
while you
watch the candles burn
all our good intentions
to ash.
:iconrhapsodyinalto:RhapsodyinAlto 3 2
Plaza Fairy by RhapsodyinAlto Plaza Fairy :iconrhapsodyinalto:RhapsodyinAlto 1 0 Giants in the sky by RhapsodyinAlto Giants in the sky :iconrhapsodyinalto:RhapsodyinAlto 1 0 swing, swing, swing by RhapsodyinAlto swing, swing, swing :iconrhapsodyinalto:RhapsodyinAlto 4 2 Jump by RhapsodyinAlto Jump :iconrhapsodyinalto:RhapsodyinAlto 2 0 Rockaway Beach by RhapsodyinAlto Rockaway Beach :iconrhapsodyinalto:RhapsodyinAlto 4 1
Fly with you
It had been so long, she had forgotten what dancing could do to her. More specifically, she had forgotten what dancing with him did to her.
Breathless, she smirked, stretched her leg and spun, the skirt flaring and flashing against her thighs. When he pulls her back in for a dip, his hands are neutral but his mind is not, and it spills out into the scant inches of humid air that separates them, caresses her lips. Tongue darts out to taste and then, later, as he pulls her in for a quick turn she purrs: “You taste good.”
He doesn’t miss a step.
:iconrhapsodyinalto:RhapsodyinAlto 1 3


Hanna Is Not Radioactive by ZefyriaNuva Hanna Is Not Radioactive :iconzefyrianuva:ZefyriaNuva 79 49
if i could.
i’ll be honest with you;
there is a certain authority to being
a writer.
somebody said once that writers struggle with reality
because we spend all of our time
constructing our own.
the truth is, life may be impermanent
but the details are not.
time has one direction
the past cannot be revisited
and history cannot be redone
with a red pen.
what happens, happens.
we are walking permanent records
that can never be expunged.
no matter how many orphans we pull from fires
no matter how many dying children we sing to
we still made our mother cry once
we still let our little brothers find us passed out
on the front porch when we were nineteen.
imagination is our primary retreat
because there, that boy does fall in love with us
and our first kiss is not spit on our chins
or misses landing on our nose
(maybe there are waves crashing in the background)
and we say everything right.
there, we have crafted a version of ourselves
that lives perfectly.
“if i could,” someon
:iconcolbalt-rain:colbalt-rain 206 94
i find spines
and will them
to bend
a tip
of the finger
to send
the deliberate pulse
to the pinnacle, then
the resulting
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 6 2
sultry as a voice
in high degree
or slicked lips
or abandoned knees
an effort to never
or waste wrists
to keep
and to hold
and deplete
to lay
and to lie
and repeat
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 6 5
Quick hand-legs-foot tutorial by Hellobaby Quick hand-legs-foot tutorial :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 12,811 1,182
Mature content
Lion Paws--DFC 5 :iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 10 18
what bleeds yellow? by Buuya what bleeds yellow? :iconbuuya:Buuya 100 30
i am watching
the air
every voice
with a tremble
oh my skin
away from
my musculature
oh my sins
over pitching
and i haven't
the presence
to stay
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 4 4
Chasing Rabbits
There's a rabbit
crouched deep,
tangled in my veins;
he's shaking my ribs,
reminding me
I've got him caged
beneath my collarbones.
I can't stand
much more of the twitching,
the fur tickling my breaths
as he searches
for an escape.
I want him out,
but I don't think
stomping my foot
and telling him
how unfair it is
that he's choking me
with his little rabbit doubts
will work.
I shouldn't have made
the space near my heart
such a nice place
for him to move into.
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 16 21
Rag Doll Comfort--C.
Why can't you need me like I need you to? Don't need me like a puppy needs its mother's milk to live, I couldn't bear the responsibility of your dependence on me. Don't need me like the blue collar reluctantly needs his job, grudgingly punching in and out because he's got no other [better] choice. Don't need me like a junkie needs his fix, returning to his damnation out of habit and insanity. Need me like your right shoe; sure, you could go on without me, but unbalanced, uncomfortable and never quite-right.
You've dug your fingers beneath my skin and your nails are skimming my wrist bone with jarring finality and all I need is for you to let me go, damn it. Let me spell it out for you, darling, in a way you might understand: I need you to need me when I need you to. Not every minute of every day, not every day of the week, not even every week. Only sometimes, like when I've woken from a nightmare and I've already tried drinking tea and I still see haunted eyes and October sunset
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 4 0
The Great American Horror Story by WiseKumagoro The Great American Horror Story :iconwisekumagoro:WiseKumagoro 17,159 561
Mature content
How to Make Wings Disappear :iconsurrealcachinnation:SurrealCachinnation 17 29
And you thought you never mattered.
These things I know for sure:  pi is still too many numbers for me to remember, but you know all the words to my favorite songs and sometimes, you make me want to recite Shakespeare even if I get the titles wrong.  I tried to leave you, a comet shooting through midnight's skies, but comets are only beautiful with their tails and without you, I was too light to be seen.  I tried to forget the scent of you in my showers, the taste of you at my fingertips, the ways you complete me... But I'd be lying to myself if I said I succeeded.  You're the honey in my lemon Lipton tea; without you, summer days just aren't the same.
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 8 2
years will pass...
Years will pass before I can make a smooth cut through my sternum
And open up my chest cavity again for someone to
Dig their fingers into my lungs and tug on my veins and weigh my organs
One last time.
For now I keep the y-incision sewn shut,
Though the wound weeps and seeps and the stitches tear.
And it smells so goddamn awful.
But I have to at least try to let this autopsy heal,
Pack the cavity so it doesn't slowly soak my shirt.
:icondubitoergosum:DubitoErgoSum 1 3
like a ghost
is present
like a dread
with slender, sucking limbs
the trees
are sins
and you've an adam grin
like a lost
like a head
with tendon plucking hymns
the knees
are bent
and you are abel's kin
and like the most
resplendent splinter
you have settled
tender, tucked in skin
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 3 2
Tip Your Hand
New York
Third Year after the Treaty
It was maybe eleven in the evening in the far western end of Berkshire County, and the night started beautifully. And by beautifully, Conrad meant like complete shit.
It had been fine for the first little while, after Hanna left—apparently something fairly urgent had come up, and the council wanted to amend their orders quickly. Conrad had no idea what it was, but if it was important enough to have one of the Council's telepathically inclined members go poking around in Hanna's dreams then it must be pretty important.
So Hanna had gone, to find somewhere quiet and watery for one of his scrying sessions. And Conrad had settled into the booth in the RV, in the hopes of getting some reading in before the inevitable dash and frenzy drove him utterly mad. Which it would. Because it always did.
The book was something he'd picked up in a library raid not too long ago—the RV was stuffed with their spoils to the point o
:icondesdemonakakalose:DesdemonaKakalose 10 6



United States
Current Residence: San Francisco / Portland, OR
Print preference: Posters or postcards
Favourite style of art: doodles
Sometimes I feel like I would be better written as an assortment of jumbled lyrics and melody strains.
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